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Patatoes – The most delicious potatoes!

A selection of the best varieties of potatoes for perfect cooking results

For each production line we offer different weights ranging from 1 kg to 2.5 kg depending on customer needs.

Bulk Product
We provide bulk product in cardboard boxes or plastic packed in various weights.

Bagged Products
Bag type potato packaging  with weight of 5 or 10 kg.Patate Sfuse


Potatoes store well and durably by respecting some simple measures: they must be stored in a dark environment to prevent them from turning green; the temperature must be between 4-12 degrees Celsius (40°F-54°F) environment that is neither too wet nor too dry. The basement would be ideal, but you can also keep them in the fridge fruit and vegetables compartment.


Potatoes are rich in water, minerals and vitamins. The presence of potassium makes it a good ally against hypertension. Potatoes are also indicated in case of anemia, while those suffering of diabetes should eat them sparingly.

Ideal for all

The right amount for all ages!

Nutritional value per 100g boiled potato, = 85 kcal

CHILD 100 g 100 g 200g – 250 g
TEENAGER 125 g 125 g 400 g
ADULT 125 g 125 g 200g – 250 g
ATHLETE 150 g 150 g 400 g

*Source: Trèmolière et al.