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Technological innovation

The manufacturing process involves many important phases. F.lli Torti makes use. of automated systems for the selection, calibration, weighing and advanced packaging systems to provide customers a wide variety of packages for both potatoes and onions .
In 2003, F.lli Torti was the first and the only company in Italy, to use cutting-edge equipment based on a special technology of optical systems for the automated selection of potatoes in order to provide high quality standard of the graded product and increase processing yields.
The main feature of the system is the ability to automatically select the tubers, via high-resolution cameras, discarding only those tubers that do not meet the company’s presetted quality. The system allows faster sorting of tubers, no longer carried out manually, but automated with a very low  percentage of error. To ensure the highest quality, the company, however, provides an attendant to check the work of the machine, visually checking the product exiting the sorter, and if necessary, intervenes  discarding the tubers that are not suitable for marketing.
In view of technological innovation, in September 2011, Fratelli Torti has decided to opt for a new technological solution that allows the differentiation of  their products and increase their added value.

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