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Production – The supply of raw materials

The supply of raw materials takes place in different production areas, in particular the company, in accordance with a system of self-control with internal certification, it provides a selection of producers, creating a system of traceability. The result of this strong link with the manufacturers is the high degree of loyalty between farmers and company.
Over the last two years a portion of the raw materials is produced on site, in the agricultural company AGRITORTI, that some members of the family have decided to establish and devote to.
The cultivation phase, with constant monitoring by agro-technicians and the company itself, requires the adoption of “integrated production methods” based on low use of phytosanitary products, respect for the environment and a superior quality level of the raw material.

Average volumes handled per year:

15,000 tons of potatoes
5,500 tons of onions

Provision Ranges:

  • Bassa Valle Scrivia (local product)
  • Emilia Romagna, Lombardia,Toscana, Sicilia, Veneto
  • Abroad (France, Spain, Argentina, Marocco).