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Our Pluses

  • Selection and training of the production base, management and monitoring of production

    F.lli Torti LTD plan the supplies relying on technicians with whom they have implemented the traceability system and the development of technical lines of defense which producers are required to refer to. During the fase of product farming, the company carries out continuous monitoring of the cultivation and it evaluates various quality parameters: checking  the state of crops, logbook registration of processing treatments, monitoring of animals and fungi adversity. 100% INTEGRATED PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT
    The result of this strong link with the manufacturers is a high degree of loyalty and a high specialization of its partners. Over the past two years thanks to the establishment of the AGRITORTI Società Agricola Semplice, a percentage of raw material is produced on site.

  • Management of all phases of production focused on the needs of end customers

    All raw materials upon reception, are evaluated and if found acceptable with adequate and technical specifications are warehouse-stored or stocked in controlled temperature cells,  awaiting processing.
    The product selection for potatoes takes place through a special technology in optical systems which automates the product selection, with the addition of manual control assistance. The whole production process follows the regulations laid down in a corporate self-control manual, which follows HACCP standards.  Stock: covered area of about 10,000 sq.m.
    Storage capacity: 5,000 t of potatoes and onions

  • Working with specialized logistics partners

    As for the logistics, F.lli Torti srl makes use of refrigerator trucks provided by specialized companies. These are capable of providing the expected delivery time, temperature control during transport, the exclusiveness of the goods transported, and  the necessary management flexibility of the service based on the needs of different customers.