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Upon provisioning of raw materials, potatoes and onions, if declared conform to the technical specifications and suitable for commercialization (size, shape, physiological disorders, residues) are stored in the warehouse and / or in cold storage awaiting processing (Storage capacity 4,000 t potatoes and onions).
F.lli Torti srl has always been observant to technological innovation in order to improvethe quality of its products. The company constantly invests in machinery and advanced equipment in order to achieve the highest quality manufacture, to guarantee authenticity and fulfillment of quality standards of the product offered to the customer.
The personnel of the factory is continuously trained on company standards  and requirements of customers, and the entire production process follows the regulations laid down in the manual of corporate self-control, according to HACCP standards and health and hygiene standards in order to protect the product and the health of consumers.

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Raw material supply

The manufacturing process of  POTATOES and ONIONS
If the product is found to comply with the technical specifications and suitable for the storage
warehouse or cold storage

Average volumes sold per year

150.000 q of patatoes

55.000 q of onions