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The business activities of Fratelli Torti begins in 1973 when it formed a partnership, and then, in 1980, it becomes a company with the aim of combining the marketing of fruits and vegetables produced in the facility of Bassa Valle Scrivia, and the processing and packaging of potatoes and onions.
In subsequent years, the company increases its production capacity and continues actively in the marketing of fresh products in the markets of North-Western Italy, forging strong relationships with large retailers, which will become their main interlocutors.
Twenty years later, in 1993, the company becomes F.lli Torti Srl, and following the sharp increase in quantities processed, and in order to meet the growing customer demands, it decides to invest by constructing a new factory of about 5,000 square meters of surface and renews obsolete processing plants and packaging of potatoes and onions. Since 2006, the factory further expands reaching a covered area of ​​10,000 m2, intended for processing, storage, preservation (cells for pre-cooling and cold storage of goods) for logistics of loading and unloading.

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